Monday, November 12, 2018

Nov 12 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers

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Nov 12 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers FREE SUBMISSION (10 minutes max) velcom Smartfilm, Dec 31 (15 minutes max) Cortokino 2K19, Jan 20 (2-30 minutes, travel/adventure themes) Festival Cinema Aventura, April 30 (20 minutes max) Festival Alto Vicentino, Mar 23 1 USD (Community films) semana por la soberania audiovisual,m, July 13 2 USD (Intl shorts) Festival Cine Marbella, May 3 5 USD (31-59 minutes) Low Cost Film Festival, Dec 12 5 USD (15 mins max) Sprrkle Collective, Nov 19 10 USD (25 mins max) First Friday Film Festival, Dec 31 10 USD (Women directors; 30 minutes max) Cinema Sisters Intl Film Festival, Nov 30 Click links NOT thumbnail. Believe in your work!

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

THE SELF MADE TRAP by Sylvia Toy Otto © 2018

THE SELF-MADE TRAP: Otto. A series of #videoperformance about #plasticpollution. Materials: Human actress, white clothing, white backdrops, plastic veggies bag mask, bacon wrapper. #climatechange #environment #fossilfuels #extinction #anthropocene #plasticizedpaper #art

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

HORROR MOVIE by Sylvia Toy Day in Night © 2018

A #horror movie is slowly forming in my mind. #storydevelopment I can easily see what the world of the #story looks like - the layers of reality that are always happening at once even though we’re not conscious of them, don’t know about all of them, have forgotten some of them, or just don’t want to think about some of them. I sometimes have moments of sudden extreme #anxiety when I feel like I should be worried about something but I can’t remember what it is. “There is nothing to fear but #fear itself.” I don’t know who this #character is yet but I think she is not like me: she does not live on the edge of her seat and she sleeps a lot. I think she probably has just been doing her #existential bit but now her life is #haunted. #silentmovie

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Nov 6 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood  #femalefilmmakers 

Environmental theme:
FREE Seoul Eco Film Festival, Jan 18
FREE Life After Oil Intl FF, May 1

Dance films:
FREE (Shorts) Frame Rush, Jan 7
20 USD IDACO nyc, Dec 21

Humanitarian themes:
FREE (Mental health) Mental Filmness, Sept 1
15  USD Human Trafficking Awareness FF, Nov 16
20 USD (Strong female characters) Sandy Dennis Film Festival, Nov 28

FREE (Masks, puppets, animated objects) MIMMOS, Dec 31
FREE (Animation) Festival du Film d'Animation de Savigny, Feb 28
FREE (Shorts) Festival Alto Vicentino, Mar 23
FREE (Feature) Cameroon Intl FF, Nov 10

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