Thursday, January 10, 2019

HALF LIVES by Sylvia Toy Monologue 1 © 2018

HALF LIVES (a feature in pre-production; this video is design research as well as story research; the set will be based on a dollhouse and will have greenscreened scenes with handmade backdrops.) I was the primary dramaturge for a small theater company that developed and produced original plays. There was nothing a rookie was more likely to hear from me than "Why is this extraneous character who has nothing to do with the premise or the core conflict of the story, in the story? She has to go." Today while fine-tuning my first clips researching an idea I've been developing for over a year, I cut the extraneous character, who was me. I cut myself out of the story even though "half-life" is based on my many years of misery and feelings of displacement while spending most daylight hours in law offices and struggling to make art and or theater after work. I don't know how many times I've had to schlep a LBD and a rollerbag full of props so I could rush over to a gallery opening at 5 p.m. and then rush across town to a theater for 6 o'clock call and/or 7 o'clock rehearsal. Sometimes I wonder why I don't have a broken back and look 20 years older than my age.

But after a year of making notes and thinking about why people live "half-lives," including research about personality, childhood trauma, statistics about disappointment and life satisfaction, I realize that I only felt like I was living a half-life because I was living in diverse cultures: one that valued achievements of professional status in the business world and wealth and the other that valued talent, prestigious training, long exhibition lists and getting a good part. Those cultures curdle each other. Yes. I was nauseous from all the curdling for 35 years; and the back and forth was inconvenient and fractious; but after all that research I know I was not really living a half life.

Shadows of people in my memory - shadows partly because it is difficult to remember a whole person you've only known half of and partly because I was too distracted by my own back and forth - shadows are forming and beginning to occupy the big house that is the temporary location in my mind of the story of Half Lives. I look forward to the next step of pre-production: creating the residents and hearing their stories.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Jan 7 2019 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dec 31 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers 

Dec 31 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers 


(Shorts) Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Feb 10

(Shorts) Women's Intl Film Festival, Jan 5

(Screenplay) Breakthrough Reading Series, Jan 27 

(Shorts) Cineversatil, April 15

(Wo/Men) Carnegie Mellon Intl Film Festival/Short Film Competition, March 31

(Films made on mobile devices) SmartPhilm Festival, Jan 4

(Afrofuturist Steamfunk) Afro Futurism Film_Chicago, Jan 5

(LGBTQ) Malmo Intl LGBTQ+Short Film Festival, Jan 3

(Animation) Move Summit, Jan 6


6 USD (Experimental) Cisterna Film Festival, March 31

10 USD (Experimental/videoart) Days of German and Russian short films “Vkratze!”, Jan 4

30 USD (Experimental) FilmFort Festival, Jan 4

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Dec 25 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers

Dec 25 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #experimental #videoart #noHollyBollyNollywood #femalefilmmakers 


FREE (World cinema) Shanghai PRIDE Film Festival, April 15

FREE (90-130 pages) Outfest Screenwriting Lab, Jan 23

1 USD (30 minutes max) Vilnius queer festival "KreivÄ—s", May 11


3 USD (2018 year of completion) Outview Film Festival, Jan 15

20 USD (Lesbian shorts) Pride Films and Plays-Lesbian Shorts, Jan 15

25 USD (45 minutes max) LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival, Dec 28

25 USD (Feature) Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival, Dec 28

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