Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Artist’s Statement, September 19, 2018


On Sunday, CREDO, A PILGRIM was a semi-finalist selection of Austin Arthouse Film Festival. Last Friday a different festival disqualified CREDO “Due to your film not going with the theme of this year's festival.” This venue #showcase #filmmakers of the #AfricanDiaspora. I understand that it would put a lot of people off to see a weird little man teaching spirituals to an even weirder little blue nun’s head. Ironically, CREDO is reflective of my own difficulty being accepted by other black people.

13 of my movies have been selected on the traditional #filmfestival circuit. I feel I have finally excelled on my own terms in mainstream venues. Growing up I was studious, obedient and ladylike. Any time I expressed my true feelings at home or in school, that expression was discouraged and suppressed. When I finally thawed out of my Stepfordgirlness, I was really angry and I wanted to force my ideas down Society’s throat. But then, I realized that #art truly is my path to self-mastery and intellectual freedom. My anger disappeared. And once I learned to #greenscreen, I really and truly had the power to force the viewer to see reality-according-to-moi.

Monday, September 17, 2018

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy Space Bubble QuarantineFINAL © 2018

Captain Barack's ship has arrived at its destination, Earth, and has begun its 21 day quarantine orbit 80 miles above the planet. Captain Barack finds himself being affected by a phenomon that is similar to mild electric shock. DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy+Michael Lewis is a movie in pre-production about an alien race long after humans that discovers the ruins of the NYPL (New York Public Library) and establishes it as a major archaeological site.

#sylviatoystlouis #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart 

Sept 17 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #noHollyBollyNollywood #nonamedropping #experimental #femalefilmmakerfriday

Sept 17 
2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #noHollyBollyNollywood #nonamedropping #experimental #femalefilmmakerfriday 

15 USD (Environmental, 5-20 minutes) Earth Port Film Festival, Dec 21

15 USD  (Environmental feature or short) Etowah Film Festival, Dec 14

FREE (Environmental, 15 minutes max) IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm, Jan 10

FREE (Shorts, 3 minutes max) 3 Minutes 3 Days Film Festival, Jan 15

5 USD (Avant garde) Retro Avant Garde Film Festival, Nov 9

8 USD (Avant garde, 15 minutes max) Avant Edge Film Festival, Oct 10

15 USD (Surreal and avant garde short) UNDO Divergent Film Awards, Jan 31

15 USD (Feature) Rooftop Films, Nov 30

15.66 USD ("Magnificently eclectic") Flatpack Film Festival, Jan 20

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

CREDO, A PILGRIM selected for Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Sept 16 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #noHollyBollyNollywood #nonamedropping #experimental #femalefilmmakerfriday 

Sept 16 2018 #sylviatoysfilmfestdeadlines #nobudget #arthouse #noHollyBollyNollywood #nonamedropping #experimental #femalefilmmakerfriday 

FREE (15 minutes max) Revolutions Per Minute, Dec 1 

FREE (Intermedia, 20 minutes max) International Competition for Intermedia Artwork, Nov 23

FREE (Experimental features over 50 minutes) Istanbul Intl Experimental Film Festival, Nov 1

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